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In 2000, I was browsing the internet - looking for a purpose in life - when I stumbled upon the DoeNetwork in its beginning stages. I thought a missing child from Baltimore looked like an old high schooler, and intrigued, I joined the site. Only a handful of people were involved with the DoeNetwork at this time. Soon after, I took over as the MD, DC, and WV director and set out to find missing person cases to add to the site. What she found was disturbing beyond words.

While searching the MD state police web site, I can across a profile of a young girl murdered and discared off of I-270. I immediately recognized her as someone who hung around 7th and Market Street in the summer of 91. Just saw her around, never knew who she was. I remember the news flash when she was found, but never anything more.  I immediately  notified Maryland State police of this and sense I have been absolutely haunted by who she is.

In 2002, I was contacted by a family in Kentucky who was searching for a lost loved one. His name was Roger Jeffreys, and he was last heard from in MD in 1984. Family asked if there was any John Does in MD who met this profile, and forwarded his information to me. He unfortunately, was identified as a John Doe in Vermont.

This site was created in memory of Roger Jeffreys and a handful of people were involved in creating this site, whether or not they know it.

  • Roger Cassell, former Director of the Cold Case Unit, Maryland State Police - who kept pushing for the identities of the lost
  • Dr. Warren Tewes, DDS, volunteer forensic dentist, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's
  • Carla Proudfoot, Director, Maryland Center for Missing Children

Since then, this network has assisted in identifying a handful of other John Does by various means.  We will not delve into this as there is no glory for pain and suffering of families in losing a loved one.