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Missing and Vulnerable Task Force

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Report published January of 2006


Report to Governor & General Assembly due Oct. 1, 2005

In October 2004, the Task Force on Missing Vulnerable Adults formed (Chapter 528, Acts of 2004). As defined by the law, a vulnerable adult is an older person who is at risk due to: faulty prescription medications that cause confusion, Alzheimer's disease, a sudden onset of illness, an accident, or an unanticipated event. The Task Force is to identify, access, and compile data about missing persons. It will recommend ways to establish better communication between county and State agencies when vulnerable adults are missing.

The Task Force is to recommend a system to locate and identify missing vulnerable adults, and to identify unclaimed deceased persons who may be missing vulnerable adults. Law enforcement protocols for working with the broadcast media to locate missing vulnerable adults also will be recommended by the Task Force.

Fifteen members constitute the Task Force. Two are appointed by the Governor, one by the Senate President, and two by the House Speaker. 


  • Bernadette DiPino, Chair (chosen by Task Force)
  • Appointed by Governor: Kylen Johnson, Doe Network &  Dr. Warren Tewes, DDS, forensic dentist, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's
  • Appointed by Senate President: James E. DeGrange, Sr.; Nancy Jacobs.
  • Appointed by House Speaker: Jean B. Cryor; Kathleen M. Dumais.
  • Representative of Dept.of State Police: Malcom Smith
  • Representative of Office of State Medical Examiner: David R. Fowler, M.D.
  • Representative of American Association of Retired Persons: Kenneth White
  • Representative of Alzheimer's Association: RaeAnne Butler
  • Representative of Cable Telecommunications Association of Maryland, Delaware, & District of Columbia: John Conwell
  • Representative of Maryland Center for Missing Children: Carla E. Proudfoot
  • Representative of Maryland Chiefs of Police Association: Bernadette DiPino
  • Representative of Maryland, District of Columbia, & Delaware Broadcasters Association: Thomas Fahy
  • Representative of Maryland State Sheriffs Association: James W. Phillips, Jr.
  • Representative of United Seniors Association: one vacancy
  • Cathy Gardner, missing person family member
  • Darlene Huntsman, missing person family member