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Jan 20th, Press Release Issued, Hilda Dunn case

Sept. 24th,Press Release Issued, Jerri Weakley case

Sept. 20th, Press Release Issued, Bernadette Caruso case

Sept. 1st, Press Release issued, vigil for Tracey Tetso missing since March 6th.

July 31st, Press Release Issued, vigil for unidentified teen found July 31st, 1991

July 1st, Press release issued, vigil for Tracey Gardner-Tetso

June 13th, Press release issued with Charles County Sheriff's Office - New reconstruction of Unidentified homicide victim

June 10th, Press release issued on behalf of family of Mike Hogan, missing since May 16th

June 8th, Press release issued on behalf of family of Kim Mileo, 22-year disappearance anniversary