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This web site was launched to promote public awareness of Maryland's missing and unidentified persons, assist law enforcement and families in finding missing persons, and to provide support and resources for those dealing with missing person situations.
Surrounding this website is a network of involved persons: police, forensic specialists, volunteers, family members of missing persons, media, and many more known as the 'Maryland Missing Persons Network,' (Dubbed this by former AA homicide invesigator Rick Robinson) whose intent is to find the lost.
We are not a state funded organization, nor are we a non-profit. This is operated completely on volunteer efforts.   

This web site does list unidentified homicide victims. Although disturbing, the Network decided that not putting them here would withhold the potential for public recognition. I suggest that those with an emotional intolerance to brutality not visit this section. This section is not suitable in any manner for children to view.

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The case must be filed with a law enforcement agency. We will not add profiles of lost loves, deadbeat parents, missing classmates, and children caught in child custody battles. We will be happy to answer inquiries of this, but our focus on this site remains dedication to missing persons. If you are aware of a missing person case not on this site, please email me at [email protected]


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