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--- For 14 long agonizing years, to this day, we have been searching for our daughter, Rhonda. The search will go on, for there is no giving up, never. The loss leaves a hallowed place in our hearts. She is missed by her parents and 4 sisters. The unknowing is the worst pain. I hear my childs voice, who is now a grown woman, calling out for me. I remember all the happy times, and, i know that life has more in store. No farewell words where spoken, no time to say goodbye. She was gone before we knew it. As a parent it leaves emotions of guilt and forever the question: Where was i, where did i fail as a parent? Was my love, my understanding, not sufficent? Her beautiful face, her loving warm smile, it is forever engraved in our hearts. Wherever she may be, i pray she is safe. She will be home one day. I will get that phone call, a letter, one day she will be home. I will wrap my arms around her and let her know how much she is loved and always will be. I will apologize, for we, as parents, are not perfect. I must go on, for i have to be strong for her, to help her with her way back home to us. Until then,the hole in my heart will never close. I will NEVER GIVE UP. --- mother of Rhonda Behn, last heard from, March 12, 1996