In November of 2000, a University of Maryland grant established the Maryland Dental Database to identify Missing and Unidentified Persons. A forensic dentist at the U. Md. Dental School, Warren Tewes, D.D.S, M.S., explains that this public service program is simple and separate from NCIC's dental entries.   


�This MS Access dental database compares missing persons' dental records / x-rays to unidentified persons' postmortem dental records in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). We have established a statewide network of volunteer forensic dentists to assist missing persons investigators in completing antemortem dental records acquired from the missing person's family dentist.�


Law enforcement officers can contact Dr. Tewes for the name of the forensic dentist in their county. The network is available to assist law enforcement in other dental matters as they arise.


How does it work?


a. The Missing person case should be 30 days old.


b. Missing persons investigators will need to gather dental records from the family / family dentist, using download forms.


c. Investigators contact their local volunteer forensic dentist, who will chart the dental data and fax to Dr. Tewes for comparison to the unidentified persons already in the database.


With each additional missing person entered into the database, it becomes easier to identify unknown persons and sheds new information on further investigation.


 The required forms to acquire a complete set of original dental records may download here:


Dental Request Form



Forensic Dentist Aids Investigators